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Illegal streaming operators have to pay more than 25 million baht, which is considered as one of the compensation for offenses related to the violation Premier League Copyright with the highest value in Thailand and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of three and a half years in prison.

The defendants in this case are British and Thai nationals. Pledged to plead guilty to copyright infringement of the Premier League in Thailand and paid compensation totaling 15 million baht and more than 7 million baht of intermediary money that was confiscated to the state.

He was also sentenced to a fine of more than 3 million baht, while the prison sentence is a total of three and a half years for offenses related to illegal business, suspended for probation. The amount of compensation for damages of 15 million baht is one of the highest recorded compensation for copyright infringement.

The defendants in the case pleaded guilty to a number of offenses in connection with the illegal provision of broadcasting services. This includes operating large piracy networks across Asia. The case was initially discovered in Hong Kong and investigations continued to find the perpetrator until it was found to be based in Thailand. Many websites have been found under the main name and other domains. in the same network that is managed from Bangkok To provide users with unlawful access to streaming of Premier League football matches. They can be found throughout Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and ถ่ายทอดสดฟุตบอล Malaysia. The perpetrators are also selling boxes of devices used for illegal streaming. This device box has an application installed in the box to broadcast Premier League football matches.


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