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Jackson from Alabama State University in 2006, the second round of the Shannesota Victoria. He has played a five seasons for Viking people, starting 20 games. However, the most fluent season in his career was in 2011, at the time, he sent a 14 game for the Seattle Hawks, and passed the 3091 yards to 14 times.

At present, there are 12 outer junctions on the list of Hawks, which Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson, Tayler Lockett will be the preferred by the team. Therefore, the transaction Kersi probability is even more.

The panther has achieved 7 wins and 8 losses in the 2014 season, wholesale Nfl jerseys then they got 15 wins in the 2015 season and entered the 50th super bowl, and eventually lost to Denver Musaba. At that time, Jackson, who was effective, took the first reachable of the super bowl.

The 325-pound defensive spike will become the main force of the patriot 2015. He has fully demonstrated his strength last season. He will replace the Vince Wilfork as a pre-defending . Wilfolk has given up his player’s option contract due to the team, and he may look for other new things, including Houston Texas.

Jackson was traded in Buffalo, but did not gain an opportunity for the 2012 holiday season. He returned to the sea eagle in 2013, served as the replacement of Russell Wilson and won the super bowl of championship. He became a free player after the end of the 2015 season.

Houston Texas launched a hometown of Shape’s hometown in 31-21 last week, leaving a hometown of his playoffs. After the team’s defensive group losses Watt and Moshams, the previous Zhandevone-Clanney became the new leader of the team’s defensive group. He won the 2 times last week; and in the past continuous 4 The game has a contribution to the contribution. In the past eight games, it maintained an efficient data that was held in the field. Crawn gives the team’s great contribution in the defensive end, and the most stable weapon at the offensive team is still external to Delu-Hopkins, and he has got 9 games in this season. The list of column column is the first; and his teammates Well F Ward also have 7 time to get the account. If it is not the first four points, Ward Watson will be reimbursed early season, I believe that Texas people will be better than now. . It is also a very testive game, and it takes a lot of efforts to replace the four-point Wei Thawi.

«Carolina Black Panther did it. If the black panther enters the superb bowl in the subsequent season after getting such results, & mdash; but we will win the super bowl of champion,» Jackson said. «If they can do, why can’t we?»

Hawks try to transaction, take hands, Jiemein KersThe transaction in the league in the league is not very moving, but the Seattle Hawk may trader Jermaine Kearse’s news will attract a lot of people’s attention.

Jackson was a 6-year $ 86.1 million contract under the subsequent snap-off period. He once again said that he was «Tianzhen thought that» he was a person who changed the fate of the Americas. But the end of the Jaguchi has achieved 3 wins and 13 loss, and continues to enter the playoffs. They have come to the playoffs last time, they are already in 2007.

Last week, Baltimore Mosa cows were a passenger, and sent a gift to the packwork, and the opponent was separated from 23-0 away. This season, the crow has been zero opponents. The crow has also become the 5th of the league history, since the first branch after the 2003 panui, can single three zero opponents in a single season. In the past four teams, they have won the super bowl in the season, respectively, the Washington Red Leather in the 1991 season, 2000 Baltimore Crow and 2003 New England Patriots. Can history fate be broken? The crow line guards CJ-Mosley took 7 times in the week, and the ball was killed and once robbed. As the middle flow of the team’s defensive group, Mosley’s role is no longer underestimated. This week, I sit in the main court, the crow is guaranteed to ensure the strength of the offensive.

[Pre-match] 12th week, Night, Night, Texas @ @This week’s last game, a foreign card competed for a strong dialogue, Houston Texas will challenge the crow in the north of Baltimo and away. At present, the two teams have the possibility of promoting the playoffs, and this game will look at who can occupy the advantage.


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