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External handle Beckham slamming the giant: Trade yourself to Cleveland

On August 22, the media will pay attention to his past before the Odell Beckham Jr. and Cleveland Brown.

In March this year, the New York Giants took this superstar to the Brown trading.

At the time of the magazine interview, Beckham slammed the giant trading. He said that the giant «thinking» and although the giant got a better trading offer, he still sent him to Cleveland.

«This is no longer a business decision,» Beckham said. «This is aimed at me. They think they can send me here to die.»

This is an amazing thing when Beckham mentioned his old house. He has not been able to play all the potential when playing the giant, and also said that it is not respected by the giant.

However, the fact is that the giant transfers Beckham to a potential rise in the team. Brown has excellent Baker – Baker Mayfield, served as a four-point guard, and MyleS Garrett led a defensive group that was likely to dominate, as well as Beckham’s friend, wholesale nfl jerseys china external handle Jarvis Landry.

If Brown is able to achieve high expectations to them, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap then these interviews have nothing to do. As for Beckham himself, he is still absent due to hips injury.


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