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Giants Cruze: I will be in the event

New York Giants Entry WikDo-Cruz 6 months ago, free shipping jerseys due to injuries, his injury has touched the heart of every giant team. Local time Thursday, Jerry Reese, General Manager, said in an interview that Cruze will return in the first week of competition.

Lis said: «He looks great, running is very smooth, I think he has prepared for the return of the new season. I think we can see his performance from the first week. Of course, in things There is a variable before it happens, but at least it is at least, his condition is very good. «

Cruze himself also talked about his recovery in an interview: «There is no question, I will definitely play at the opening of the battle. I think I am still the original, my performance will not decline.» The new season, Cruze will be with Odel – Beckham (Odell Beckhan) and Ruben Randle form a team’s external handle. Cruze is very expected to cooperate with Beckham, cheap jerseys from china paypal and cheap jerseys he is very confident that the team can produce a good chemical reaction.

The giant will hold the 9th in the election, and the relevant person thinks the team will not exclude the possibility of picking an external work. Lisse is in question and related issues that the team will choose the best player without locking the target at a particular location.


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