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McCaffli is also the type of a day, this year, he completed 107 battles this year, which is the first time in NFL history. Last season, McCaffli pushed 867 yards, up to 6 times, also pushed 1098 yards, reached 7 times.

The first round of offensive, the giant is very smooth, Eil Manning 5 passed 5, and finally the Odell Beckham mid-circle was brought to the Odell Beckham. After the next wave of attack, the Eagle team found a feeling, first short-to-earth promotion, then quartz Sam Bradford (SAM Bradford), 23 yards, born, found out, Lei, Rayley Riley Cooper, the latter balls to reach. After another round of ball, the game arrived in the second quarter, the giant team once again got off-attack opportunities, but this time Manning’s pass was copied by the eagle corner, Nolan Carroll, and directly attacked 17 coded. After that, the two sides did not get up to reach, the last half of the last 7 seconds, the eagle opened the difference to 10 points with the shot.

Old will run 卫 卫 乔森森 – Jonathan Stewart is full of confidence in these people. Stewart was a giant for a giant last year, and the panther was working for 9 years. He said in participating in the show: «The strongest running guard currently in the football industry is Savihe, Bakley, I think. Close to him is Christian McAffrey.»

Guo Lian East, the old war, the master, the master of the giantAt 8:30 on October 20th, Beijing time, the Philadelphia Eagle team met the New York giant at home. The two teams have a long history, and they are mutually enemies. The final giant 7-27 does not lose the eagle.

Monday night games last at night

The steel man is in the near night, and NFL announced a significant timing failure when the match staff started at the last wave of Attack in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. NFL spokesman Michael Signora against NFL media personnel

Ian Rapoport made the following statement and explanation:

Of course, the fans of Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley and Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell may have opinion. Stewart also has a suspicion of the front teammates, but the two people have actually excellent. Last season, the list of Xiobrackli scored 1307 yards, ranked second in NFL, and completed 91 battles, advanced 721 yards, with a total of 15 times (11 sholes to reach), and elected the best offensive.

The front horses took over Anthony Gonzalez won the members of the Ohio 16th Selected Area. The Republican delegates got more than 56% of the ballot, and the Susan Moran Palmer was better than Democratic Party.

Gonzalez is a small horse, 2007, 2007, a total of five seasons in NFL, 99 times, and pushed 1307 yards. But in the third season, the injury has greatly limited his play time. During this time, he only played 11 games and completed 5 battles.

The gossip media TMZ reported that there is indeed more details: Manzell «and a man moving fist» and throws a water bottle to friends of this person. Memly did not throw it, led his goal, laughing at him, «Beautiful throw, strong Ni.» A message source told TMZ to say that Manzell’s response to this is to rush to him, but is pulled by a group live.

In the second half, the two sides have successive mistakes, mutual delivery. In the chaotic war, the Eagle team took a chance, and a wave of ground-based offensive to the opponent’s red area, and finally by running Guard Murray 12 chi-fire ball reached the ball. In the fourth quarter, the giant offensive is still not improved, and the eagle continues to pull the score to 20 points by shooting.

NFL Timekeepers are hired by the Alliance, usually with university football work experience, TMEs usually stay close to the stadium, but in the playoffs, the Alliance will hire the timestore who is not hosted at home.

The two teams have played in the 2015 season, and the jet offers 20: 7 at the time. At present, there is 5 wins and 6 losses of the pony teams, including 2 wins and 3 losses; while the jet team won 3 wins and 8 losses.

«At the fourth quarter, there is still 2 minutes and 56 seconds, San Dieo kicks the Pittsburgh, the ball kicks the bottom line, the bottom line is invited to the front line, according to the regulations, if the ball picks up the kick, there is no attack, competition Time is not started. Due to the championship of the timer, the game time began to watch before the steel man started Cheap Jerseys From China 20 yard lines, the game time began to watch, only 2 points and 38 seconds left at the beginning of the first gear. Not the correct 2-minute 56 second, a 18 second error. «

Manzell’s broker said that the quartz Saturses were harassed by a fan. A ESPN reporter reported that Mande’s friends revealed that this fans tried to catch Manzell and said, «I wish you good luck, don’t start in NFL.» According to the broker, Manzell found the security to properly handle this thing, and this is why Memules is talking to the police in the photo of the public incident.

But another ESPN reporter said on the tweet to expect the local media to report this one or two days. Although he did not provide details, it seems that his twitter is implied that things do not stop the Manzell broker.


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