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Texas and Quadruple WWD last two years

The Houston Donte people announced in the local time on Friday, the team has completed the renewal of the four points Wenden – Vuitton. According to NFL official website, Rand Getlin reported that both parties signed a contract for a two-year value of 4 million US dollars.

Brandon – Vuitton was cut off by Dallas denim last season, and then the Dezhou people who were being deposited by the wounded soldiers were signed to rescue the fire, and the first game played in Texas people helped the team to win the co-reliance Indianapoli. Samma, and in the next week, 3 years old 3 recorded 3 years to lead the Texas to win the opponent at 34: 3 victory, and finally advance from the Sai Li horses.

Vuitton’s signing, further confirming that Texas may be rumored by Brian Hoyer to Brane Hoyer. According to the NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported earlier this week, Hoyel himself also told to change the rest of the place. The amount of Vuitton’s new contract also suggests that he will become the first replacement of BROCK OSWEILER. The third grade quartz Savage is likely to continue as a team. Long-term development object.


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