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Cowboy high-level: signing Andy – Dalton like the eagle holds Nick-Folos

Dallas Cowboy is very lucky to start the four-point guards, wholesale nfl jerseys Dak Prescott, never lack the game in your career.

But in case he will absent the game, the cowboy is very happy to have Dalton as a substitute quarter.

In an interview, Stephen Jones, cheap nfl jerseys from china Executive Vice President of Cowboy, compared their situation with the four-defense position of Philadelphia, cheap nfl jerseys said that he is a lot of his heart.

«Can have a player like Andy Dalton to join the team & mdash; & mdash; also with Philadelphia Eagle in Carson Wentz, there is Nick Foles, Nick Foles, Noth & Mdash If you need it, he can take over the leadership and win the game, win an important game for the team, «Jones said. «Of course, you know that you have a player like Andy Dalton, you sleep more stable.»

In case of Prescott injury, and cheap nfl jerseys online if he chooses not to participate in the training camp, then Dalton can be used as an insurance.

Although cowboy never said that the Dalton will serve as a role other than the substitute, he and one of the subsequent Subtocks of the MVP of the MVP were more interesting.


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