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As Michael – Crabtree (Michael Crabtree), he was elected to do only three times a passing target, and he also completed three catches, including one shortly after the start to get the first attack, and in the Crabtree ball in by two Seahawks defensive player mercilessly knocked down result in injury.

This season’s jet can be said to make everyone in front of him, the first quarter gitzpatrick 267 times passed the 3,129 yards to complete 25 reachaes, relying on his excellent performance team this season He has protoped, and the starting running Kieslis Evre (Chris Ivory) 217 ​​games promoted 914 yards, the next few games will be the opportunity to hit the first 1000 yard season of their careers, and he also Successfully advanced to the ranks of the top running guards. Jets of the jet firepower Point Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, added 20 times this season, which has been flattened with the history record.

cheap nfl jerseys From china will install micro chips in the game in the stage in the season. The chip will be installed in each game in the preseason. After the preseason test, the Alliance Competition will judge the use of the ball in the game based on the result of the collected data audit.

Anti-view denim, this season is indeed unlucky, the first quitter Tony Romo (Tony Romo) After returning to the second game, the team had to let Matt Cassel It is a pity that the cowboy under the leader Kassel will give the Green Bay packaging work with a 7-128 defeat. The team’s star outside Tez Bryant has just fractured, recently the performance of several games, so far, the first person, the first person, is close to the near-end Jason – Witten ( Jason Witten, completed 594 yards. And the old running Darren McFadden has completed the 798 yard’s advancement under the protection of the strong offensive front line of the cowboy. It is also a good data. But the denim wants to grab a victory in the hands of the jet.

«There is nothing in last year to affected me.» Lawrence said, «I know that I only finish 5 kills, but I also help other players to share the pressure, let them get two digits. This is not a hero. The game, I know how to play correctly. I also know how to make contributions when I need it. I know how to ensure that my teammates make contributions. I don’t have to worry, believe in me, the number of kills will increase. «

Crabtree: injury affected my playSeattle Seahawks angular position Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman) completed two steals in a game with the San Francisco 49ers, whereas 49ers quarterback Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) in the main goal of the game is to pass Brandon – Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) and Steven – Johnson (Stevie Johnson).

Crabtree said after the game this is actually the site of injury in his lower abdomen, rather than people originally thought the ribs or knee injury affect the game after him because he had a bandage wrapped around thick.

15th week Saturday night winch @ jetThe fifteenth week Saturday night, because most of the university competition have ended, so Saturday night has become NFL world, this game New York jet will meet the challenge of Dalas cowboy at home. At present, the jet has locked the second position of the United States, and the current 4 wins and 9 losses in the game will only have theoretical theory.

The shock of the arrival of the 38-year-old, confirmed that he will return to the 14th season. He posted a picture of «I came back» on Instagram. At the same time, on the twitter, he wrote this: «I will be 38 years old on Wednesday, I feel like a bottle of wine. More Chen more alcohol.»

Cowboy defensive end Lawrence: 擒 Number will increaseA year ago, cowboy and defensive end Edge Damus Lawrence (Demarcus Lawrence) signed a $ 515.5 billion in high salary contract. However, Lawrence’s data last season is one of the worst people.

Robert Quinn, Robert Quinn, is better than that of Robert Quinn, and he completed 11.5 times last year, and the cowboy is most. However, Quinin signed a contract with the bear team this year, Along Smith and Randy Gregory need to complete the re-duty application. Lawrence needs to reply to the prior to killing, and contribute to the cowboy defense.

The Alliance has moved the attached shot position, but now the shot success rate still reaches 85%, and there will be more changes in the future. If the kick is more difficult, the value of the player will be higher.

Defensive Diagonal Nah Kong – NDAMUKONG SUH) is not very satisfying to the transition of ram in the past two weeks. He said in an interview with ESPN and said: «The past two weeks of anti-running) is very bad, this is no doubt. Of course, this is just my personal opinion & hellip; & hellip; from the proposed pass advancement code, the performance is very bad «

Su said: «In the defensive group I stay, I will release more than 190 yards, even more than 100 yards, the game, the game is not much & hellip; & hellip; I have played in a very good defensive group, which may only allow one year per year The ball is close to the hundred yards, or more than 100 yards. This is also the place I have proud, I hope to continue to keep it. We can make this defensive group, you can say that it is everything. «


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