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Market: Terrence – Knighton, Stephen – Tropea and Ricky – let Frank make Svalbard three big defensive front abnormal strong, but the scarcity defensive line but only after the signing of cornerback Chris – Cali Buddha. Ola Kebo leave vacancies are not without influence. C-

The 32-year-old Croami was put on the bench in the second half of the London tour of Jacksonville, before he took the opponent’s outer handlen Robinson to get the ball reachable. In the case of Davis and Robinson return to the team and Darius Butler, Kroma can be available.

Carroll said in the game against the Panthers Rolls may be 8-10 times the red ball opportunities. Veteran Fred – Jackson (Fred Jackson) provide another credible candidate for the Seahawks, but the Seahawks still seen as the number one running back Lynch and offensive core set of them no doubt.

Saints selected a stricken cuthar Ruiet Ruiez (CESAR RUIZ), which supplements the space after the career warford. The team originally planned to protect the left-handed sharp, the second born center Yerk McKie (Erik McCoy), right harder

Moore came to the Pony from the Auckland raid by trading in September last year. He and Josh McNary and the new Xiu Antonio Morrison rotate the first side of the old Dequville-Jackson (D & # 39; Qwell Jackson) on the other side of the other side. He is poor in anti-transmission, often letting defensive midway expose huge empty block to make the opponent.

Michael Sam’s future in Canada?The local time of Shengluos Roos has identified their training group lineup on this 10 group, and Michael Sam is not included in this 10 group. Where is the next destination of Sam without other teams?

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) said on Wednesday that the number one running back the Seahawks to reporters seem «ready» Carolina Panthers game red ball fully assume the task in the face of fate.

Canadian Football League may be a choice. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Montreal Baili Bird team has contacted Sam on Mondior Bailing Birds, but Sam has not responded to the team. Baili Bird has an exclusive exchange of Sam, (Note: Each team can determine the list of 35 free players, and their players on the list have exclusive negotiation contracts) and Bailingbirds this year April this year The front NFL famous plus hand-known Johnson, which became the hot news of NFL at the time.

Bofeikete said he thought the hit was legal. He said the rules state that as long as there is no bump to the head can hit the catcher in the line of scrimmage five yards. He thinks he hit a shoulder instead of the head and Sherman Sherman expressed himself after the crash also said that this is the second legal collision.

US time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, professional bowls Left-legged Andrews Peat thumb fractures. The prior to Pitte is only confirmed that the hand is injured and does not participate in the Monday’s equipment training.

Lynch Chicago Bears in the face of the game in the third week of a hamstring injury and missed the last two games. Instead of losing rookie he played Thomas – Rolls (Thomas Rawls) out of 169 yards in the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals play the game. Rawls out of the 104 yards against the Bears in the game, looked strong and fast his red ball style.

Coach: Edgar – Bennett served as offensive coordinator, the way to coach McCarthy remove the spot command of the offensive burden, which is free, is also risky. In addition, they also replaced special teams coordinator poor performance. B

Today, the Tigers have cornerback Adam – Jones (Adam Jones) due to violation of regulations facing personal conduct 1-game suspension. Bofeikete ban for the Tigers defense group is a big blow. Bofeikete last season due to multiple opponents crashing been banned for three league games. He has become synonymous with fierce strike over the years so he paid a hefty fine.

Market: leave the list have Willis, Justin – Smith, You Padi, Anthony – Davis, Frank – Gore, Crabtree, Andy – Lee, Ray – MacDonald, Boer Lan, Cali Buddha. Even the introduction of Torre – Smith and Reggie – Bush, 49 human loss is beyond description heavy word. D-

When the ram in the final Saturday, Sam was one of the players who were finally cut off when the team’s lineup was reduced to 53 people. Sam, who had a homosexual player identity with NFL’s first casket, has achieved the most 6 cockroaches in the last race of the ram, and his entire season will be 3 times.

If you are always waiting for the NFL Chinese official website, socialbehaviormapping.Com since then Russell – after Wilson steals out of that appalling, all NFL offseason story You can panoramic view; should the six months to leave the football world, it must be better well read this article, we will allow you to understand this offseason.

And because Bofeikete is considered to be a recidivist, then the impact will not be given a statement of people. Tigers pick in this year’s draft in the two linebacker & mdash; & mdash; the fourth round – Karl Lawson (Carl Lawson) and the sixth round of the Jordan – Evans (Jordan Evans). The two men could play a more important role in the start of the season.


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