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49 people defensive coordinator Robert Sara became a new coach

Robert Saleh found new east.

The San Francisco 49-person defensive coordinator has in principle agree to sign up with the New York jet and become a new coach of the jet.

According to the wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian Rapoport, the contract of Sarah is 5 years. In addition, 49 people pass the ball attack coordinator Mike Lafleur, which is expected to go to the jet with Sala and serve as an offensive coordinator.

Previously, Atlantan Falcon, Detroit Lion, Jacksonville, nfl jerseys Philadelphia, and San Francisco lightning, all of the coach. The Houston Texas is the only team who did not apply with him.

In the last four seasons, Sara, which served as a defensive coordinator, built 49 people’s defensive groups as one of the most powerful defensive groups of the Alliance. At 2017 to 2018, the 49-person defensive group was unrestrained in the 19th, the defensive group scored the Ranking League 28th, and the number of balls were ranked by the rankings. At 2019 to 2020, 49 people ranked first, 10th, and parallel columns in these three data respectively.

Sarah’s coaching experience has achieved the current maximum success in the 2019 season, and the 49-person range lost the code rankings, and the team entered the super bowl, and only regretted the chief of the Kansas City. And in this season, even if the new crown epidemic and injury strikes, the 49-person defensive group’s fields lost the number of codes still ranked the top five.

The performance of the New York jet in this season is one of the worst people. In addition to achieving only 2 wins and 14 negative records, the jet defensive groups make the opponent’s 28.6 points, which is the third performance of the team’s single season.

After determining Sarah, the jet will work hard to reconstruct it again. In this year’s draft, they held the list of eye signs and the 23rd championship. The first thing to do after Sarah’s lasting may be the future of Sam Darnold in the 2018 exploration show.

This year’s two first round pick will let the jet have the opportunity to choose a very optimistic young player as the core of the future. 2020 first round Xiu Maikai – Mekhi Becton, 2020 Two-round Show Danzel Mims (Denzel MIMS) and 2019 explorer show Kunnan – Willians (Quinnen Williams) will also belong to the core Ranks.

Sara’s enthusiasm and excellent coaching performance seems to be perfect for jets to urgently want to witness the successful fans. The jet has 6 drafts this year and the salary space available. Sara will work hard to help the team returned to the right track in the future.


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