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The broker denied Linqi after the Harva trading, and the sea eagle is not

At the Seattle Hawk, the Seattle Harvin traded in Harvin, there is no lack of gossip news. One of them reported that the sea eagle ran to Ma Shaen, Lynch, rejected after the transaction. The upper team bus.

According to Lynch’s broker, Doug-Hendrickson’s news, this matter is purely. «Those news about Lin Quan got off and didn’t want to board the team bus.» He said in the tweet; «Please report some accurate news instead of these fake news.»

Now, it is difficult to know that the message related to the Hawk is true. Michael Robinson, Michael Robinson, confirmed that there was a fight event between Harva and the front team Frienden Tit (He he refused to say something. Lynch may choose the border team in the fight? Maybe he may be close to Harva?

Now, Haiying’s head of Pete Carroll may not make his players and media no longer think about these problems. The Sea Eagle also faces the 5th partition civil war, and 60% may enter the playoffs according to the analysis of football outsiders, according to the analysis of Football Outsiders. He will hope that such data will continue to rise in the next few weeks.


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