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[Silicometast Hotline] National Owner’s Card: Seattle Hawk @ Dallas Cowboy

The second game of Karun, National United States, and the number of seeds of Dallas denim, the War II, Seattle Eagle. The third week of the regular season 24-13 Cowboy After home, the two sides re-meet again in the playoffs.

Competition time: (Beijing time) January 6, 2019 09:15

Game Site: cheap nfl jerseys free shipping AT & AMP; T Stadium (Cowboy home)

Broadcast platform: five-star sports, Tencent sports, Pepsi

Regular record comparison:

Cowboy: 10 wins and 6 losses

Hawks: 10 wins and wholesale jerseys online 6 losses

Regular game record:

(3rd week) Sea Eagle (Main) 34-17 Cowboy (Guest)

Key pair:

Prescot VS Wilson: Two quarters can run, who can take the lead in opening the situation is quite important.

Dick Prescott: 3885 yards, 67.7% success rate, pass the ball score 96.9 points

Russell Wilson: Passing 3448 yards, 65.6% success rate, 110.9 points of passage score.

Take the spoon:


Prescott entered the competition as soon as possible, avoiding the weak offensiveness caused by slow heat in the partition season.

Elliott and Armani – Cooper ground, air offensive combination, open offensive situation.

Sea eagle

The offensive line protects Wilson wholesale jerseys from china Lawrence’s denim stress, cheap nfl jerseys for sale Wilson to pass the ball, mobile time

As a team of the number of ball code numbers as the federation, the ground offense can continue to be efficient as a team tool to master the game.


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