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Pirate cheerleader won the team 820,000 US dollars

Recently, the cheerleaders of the Tanpawan pirates received a team’s claim 825,000 dollars.

Former Pirates of Lala, Monoska Pierre-Val, the prosecution of the team only pays only 100 US dollars per game from May last year, in addition to this, there is no training Any payment fee, as well as a small amount of costs to pay wholesale nfl jerseys for sale other activities overhead. This prosecution is done by Pierre and other 93 cheerleaders.

According to TMZ, Pierre prosecution is 660,000 US dollars, and finally I actually got a payment of 820,000 US dollars, of which 264,000 US dollars have paid a lawyer fee, and wholesale jerseys from china cheerleaders received the rest of 560,000 US dollars, equal to each girl. Gets compensation wholesale nfl jerseys for sale $ 6,000.

Pierre began to make cheerleaders for pirates from the season, usually, she is a full-time nurse.


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