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The red tones are old abrakam may consider retirement

John Abraham’s career will continue, and suddenly doubt. The official website reporter reported that Arizona Red Tiwangwi Abuham was turned into the game in the game in San Diego lightning on Monday. After the game, the red tick immediately included him in the injury list and gave him 5 days to determine his future. ESPN said Abraham has even had symptoms of misseu.

The rock coach Bruce-Arians said that he talked to Abrawan, Abraham felt that his heart was no longer invested again. Arryns also denied that players misborne. If Abrakk is unable to return to the venue, this will be a great blow cheap nfl jerseys for sale the red scitch. There is currently no suitable candidate in the team, which can replace Abraham’s rushing contribution. Abraham has obtained the most 11.5 times of killing and wholesale nfl jerseys from china 133.5 times in the season. As the first round show selected by the New York jet, Abraham is transferred to Atlantan Falcon after 6 years of efficacy, and 7 years later. Last season of career, the 5th selection of professional bowls.

Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager of Puzzle, said: Abraham told us that he took time to consider his future. He has struggled in the alliance cheap jerseys for sale Wholesale Jerseys direct many years, and he can assess it all. There will be results in the next few days.


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