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The Matrix Resurrections A dogmatic revival continues with no freshness or memorable scenes whatsoever.

The Matrix Resurrections The Matrix เดอะ เมทริกซ์ 4 returns a legendary sci-fi action two decades away from the first film. by trying to resurrect old stories to look fresh again Under the team with the main actors That might be a better decision to make money following the Keanu Reeves trend than having a good script, fresh story line to satisfy fans.

The legendary sci-fi action movie made a comeback thanks to the John Wick trend brings Keanu Reeves back to the top of his money-making star. which came back this time, although most of the original team returned Both the old actors who are constantly coming back to play But the creator of the Wachowski brothers only returned to Lana. This may have given him a foreshadowing that The Matrix couldn’t make a sequel for 20 years, as the creators couldn’t figure out how to give the story a fresh new direction. Different from the original trilogy where the story ended almost perfectly. And this also has an impact on this movie clearly. When attempts to revive this story again It’s like wreaking havoc on this world franchise, The Matrix.

The plot continues with the release of Neo from the Matrix, with a rough main plot. There is not much spoiler. A new group of liberators is trying to reawaken Neo. This was followed by rescuing another Trinity. which the whole story is really just this So the rest of the story becomes an attempt to revive old scenes. put in the new story line of this part by the old scene that this is a short flashback diligently released Since Neo was still confused, the drug selection scene, Morpheus talk scene, technique training scene, and many more. Until almost the whole story is full of flashbacks that take up quite a bit of time. Compared to the neo-deja vu look of its own, Matrix fans would be delighted at first that the new film still tried to bring in old scenes, but over time it turned out to be too much. until I started to feel annoyed about trying to put something like this Make the story seem like going in a new direction at first Instead, I have to be stuck in the quagmire of flashback flashbacks of the old stuff. Compared to the current story continually

The roles of the main actors from the previous film Neo and Trinity were quite problematic. As the story line is rather hollow, there is no new direction. It makes a character like Neo feel like they’re just going back and playing a new role in the first movie. Has not clearly developed anything. It was also reduced in each aspect of the ability. Especially the flight of Neo is missing. (In the story, there is an attempt to make Neo take a flight test. Trinity takes on the same role as Neo, the one who hasn’t woken up yet, and slowly regains consciousness from seeing old déjà vu. Whereas Trinity is still good at riding the same motorcycle. and was used in the action scenes in the end of the story, smashing through the city But it can’t be compared to the scene on the expressway of the 2nd part that is more memorable.

For anyone who thinks that this sector may end unsuccessfully as in the past It seems that the creators may not have thought of putting the story that way. because the movie clears the ending story either as a sequel or not without having to do with the end credit at all (End credit is not related to the main story at all. Just to shoot a joke) which trying to drag the story to the end is like a dogmatic continue because of Keanu Reeves’ trend rather than a really good script. clearly Personally, I think it’s better to end it like this than to force it to continue. which is likely to continue to be more difficult For anyone who wants to see it breathless, do not expect much. because if compared to the old trilogy This sector is considered inferior in all aspects. until it is called that you do not have to watch it so that you do not feel that this sector is going to destroy good memories of the old trilogy


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